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Totalsportek has been the prime place to enjoy live sports streaming over recent years. It has overtaken many lucrative names to cement itself as the most popular sports streaming website. 

What sports do totalsportek cover?

Totalsportek covers the cricket, football, American football(NFL), NBA, Rugby and tennis. This was one of the primary reasons why totalsportek is among fans favourites site. It began gaining popularity once it started showing premier league matches there.

It provided users with a wide array of links in order to stream their favourite team. You can watch top-flight teams such as manchester united, Liverpool, Chelsea and arsenal seamlessly. Moreover, also la Liga toppers such as Real Madrid and Barcelona too.


Can I watch streams here?

No, we are merely a blog that provides you with information about online streaming services. We here state the benefits and drawbacks about services. Here at total sport ek we inform you regarding how to prevent yourself from these streaming websites. We always encourage you to use legal means to watch games.

Is totalsportek free?

Yes, it is free. However, it does come with some intrusive ad. So please make sure you have got the correct extensions ready to combat the ads. We 

How to get rid of ads in totalsportek?

One of the best ways to get rid of ads is by downloading an extension that is available called AdBlock. Secondly, other ways to prevent it is by watching the ads overlay carefully.

Patiently wait for ads to disappear from the screen and give it around 30 seconds. As most of the ads on these streaming websites are very deceptive. Please be advised, you are at great risk every time you enter sites of this nature. So its best to not visit it without having the right protections. 

What are the alternatives?

There are other popular sports streaming platforms such as vipbox, firstrowsports and sportlemon. All offer the same sports that too in crisp quality.